Everyone leaves behind a legacy.  Everyone is currently making their own legacy right now.

What do you want your legacy to be?

Did Michael Jordan think when he was 16 that he would win 6 nba championships, leave the sport that he dominated, behind in his prime to play baseball for 2 years, just to come back to the NBA and win 3 more championships.  I don’t think he could’ve dreamed of it.  However he put in the effort everyday, and worked hard, so that in the end this is what his legacy is.

Lebron James desperately wants his legacy to be that he won 7 championships, but the problem is that he doesn’t put the work in that is needed.   He has been so gifted with natural ability that he hasn’t had to work that hard to fine tune his game, and to see the tiny nuances that are in the game.  Will he ever, that question is yet to be answered, however it seems to me that the sentiment around town is that Lebron is a little bitch ass pussy.  He’s a sore loser, and he always seems to disappear when the season is on the line. His full on legacy is yet to be determined, but this is just his legacy so far.

Enough about the basketball metaphors.  The point I’m trying to make is that we make our own legacy.  We create our own path in the forest of life.  Everyone’s path is a little bit different, however we all have these same basic rules of life.  Make as much money as you can, and raise a family.  However your legacy shouldn’t be that you had a shit ton of money, your legacy should be what you did to help each individual person in their everyday life with the money that you were able to acquire.

For example, Bill Gates started Microsoft, but he has since retired and works full time for the bill and Melinda Gates.  When Bill was 18 at Harvard did he think he’d build Microsoft?

Did Mark Zuckerberg think he would start facebook 8 years ago? Did he think that he would go on to build a 50 billion dollar company in just 8 years.  Plus his legacy is still growing facebook is still a very young company, and they have all our information and all our pictures of our lives, from the time i was 18 til the day I die.  It’s pretty crazy to think about.


What do you want your legacy to be?

Why do you want that to be your legacy?

How are you going to make it happen?

Do you think that your legacy will be what you want it to be?

If you had 1 billion dollars what would you do with it? 10 billion? 50 billion? 100 billion?



One thought on “Legacy

  1. i want my legacy to be that i left the world better than i found it, through some sort of scientific advancement. i’m not sure if it’s helping develop a new series of superalloys that decreases the carbon footprint of commercial flight, developing the next generation of biomedical implants that help the aging population, or working to make nuclear power a more standard source of energy.

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