Change Billy Cox

So how do you change? Here’s the first step. Look in the mirror and ask yourself these five questions:

  1. What’s holding me back and keeping me from realizing my dreams? This is the hardest question you’ll ever ask in your life because it’s directed at YOU! You have to admit to yourself that you know the answer and you do. I personally ask myself this question all the time. I knew the answer the first time I asked myself this question but I wanted to justify and rationalize my answer and make excuses. Write down your answer.

Laziness, getting stuck in the same habits.  It’s not that I’m afraid of change, but that I’m comfortable with the routine I’m in, however I’m ready to change my routine, and change, my life, and I have begun doing so.

  1. What excuses have I used in the past that have held me back from making the necessary changes to my life?There is no shortage of excuses such as “The status quo is not so bad.,” “I don’t have the time.,” or my boss is a jerk. Write down your excuses and justifications.

I don’t have the time, to send out resumes.  I wake up at 830am and get home at 1030pm Theres no time to do anything else, and on my days off, all I want to do is relax, play fifa, and chill.  However these past couple of weeks, I have begun to change that and sent out a bunch of resumes got some positive responses and have a 2nd interview tomorrow morning.

  1. What’s the worst that could happen if I don’t change? Write down exactly what you believe could happen and where could you end up

I guess I could stay at the mid america club for the next 20years making 25-30g’s a year, or I could move down to Naples, which is what I plan on doing this winter if this eldorado trading gig doesn’t work out.

  1. What positive outcomes could I experience if I made changes to my life? Write down five positive results that could happen if you made these changes.

I’d be happier, I’d have more money, I’d enjoy what I do everyday, I’d get Hal to move to Chicago, I’d live in a sick condo (trump tower)

  1. What new actions must I take to permanently change my life and to never be held back again? Write down at least five actions.

No smoking, Talking to Hal everyday, Working out everyday (boxing or kick boxing), not commute everyday to work, Always do whats best for Me.

If you asked yourself these questions and were truthful with your answers, there’s no doubt you experienced many emotions. Some emotions such as denial, sorrow, and regret may have triggered painful and negative memories of opportunities lost. That’s okay for it’s in the past and its part of the change process and you now need a wake-up call.

You also probably experienced some positive emotions such as hope, excitement, and joy about the possibilities of what your life could be like if you just make the transformation. That’s good because you must have hope in the future to have power in the present.

This leads us to the here and now – current reality. You’ve thought about change. You know the benefits of change but now you actually have to change your daily routine. To make lasting change, I firmly believe you must eliminate old self destructive habits and replace them with a new life empowering attitude. It’s vital that you make the effort and do the following:

  1. Train your subconscious mind and use your imagination. All change begins in the theater of your mind. Reserve at least 5-minutes every morning and night to visualize yourself taking the daily actions and experiencing the benefits of your new life. Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish the difference between something you imagine and something real. Imagining your new self will actually empower you to say, do, act, and react in the way you want to experience real life on a daily basis.
  2. Train your conscious mind and body. This means deliberately making yourself take actions you imagined as the day unfolds. This has to be a conscious effort on your part. It will be hard at first but you must face any fears head on and take the actions necessary to change. Fight through any initial pain for it will become easier and easier and more pleasurable each time you take action and put forth the effort toward the target you want to hit.
  3. Reinforce your emotions on a daily basis. This means using empowering words out loud. Tell yourself who you are even if you are not there yet. Celebrate success every step of the way. Give yourself “Kudos.” Tell yourself that “It’s all good!” Look in the mirror and tell yourself every day that you are getting better and better. The more you can engage your mind and body the better you will become. Tell yourself that “Yes, I have the power” and “All I need is within me now.”

Finally, you need to understand that daily motivation is important to keeping your mind right and staying focused. The key is for you to read inspiring books, collaborate with encouraging people, and listen to positive audio programs instead of saturating your mind with negative media. However, motivation alone is not enough. Your passion is what will keep you in the game. You acquire passion by understanding the reasons why you need to change.

To stay on track long term, you must have significant reasons to inspire you to change and always follow your heart because it never lies to you. Write down three passionate reasons why you must make the changes. Is it because you want to live with more purpose and energy? Do you want live longer? Do you want to make more money and be debt free? Will your relationships be better if you were to change? What’s your “Why?” Your “Why” will give you purpose and passion. Each of these areas of your life will be different but just like you know what’s holding you back you also know why you must change.

my why is to live up to my full potential. I’m not using my brain enough at my current job, I’m ready to be pushed to the limit and enter the major league arena of trading.  I think I’ve found a great company to train me, and mentor me to be the best I can be, will I have to make sacrifices yes, but will that ultimately make me a better man, yes.


Keep all the reasons on why you must change on a piece of paper so you will always know and understand that the changes are worth it. We must all have reasons to stay in the game. It is the reasons that make the journey much more fun and in the end you always say “It was worth the effort” and “I’m glad I did it.”

I believe in you. You were born with a purpose and tons of potential. My mentor, Zig Ziglar says “You were endowed with the seeds of greatness.” I’m telling you that it’s up to you and only you to seek out your purpose and effectively use your unlimited potential so that you achieve Greatness. It all starts with you looking in the mirror and saying “I’m going to do it, that’s it period. No more excuses!” Always remember, “Reasons don’t matter, only results.” You can do it!

My quest starts tomorrow morning, at 840am at Eldorado trading, I have an interview that I am going to ace, and then I will hopefully meet with the owners of the company later this week, and sign some papers soon.  Its a 4 year commitment, but I’m ready for the challenge. Bring it.


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