Isolation Tank

Joe Rogan discusses the sensory deprivation tank, or isolation tank.  It is the most powerful tool for getting inside your own brain.

“It’s just pure thought, its like the mind completely untethered from the body.”

An Isolation tank is a tank of water heated up to the exact temperature of the exterior of your body which is 94.6 f. It is about 10inches deep and has roughly 800lbs of salt in the water, making you float in the water.  The tank is completely pitch black, and has no noise.  It is the perfect way to get away from the world, and just dive into your brain.

I’ve used the isolation tank probably 5 times, in the past 2 months.  I have noticed many changes in my life since using the isolation tank.   My life is much more planned out.  I am able to have a very short term view of my life, and plan out the rest of my day and week.  Then I am also able to plan out where I would like my life to go for the next couple of months and years.  Sometimes these ideas don’t become realities, but it is still good to dive into your brain, and find this information out.

Once you’re done analyzing your life, you begin to analyze relationships that you have with people, certain conversations that you’ve had, and going over them in detail, seeing what you should have said.

The tank also allows you to sit on ideas, and really think about them.  You have so distractions in the tank except for your body, which you should try and keep still.  All your senses are not being used.  You don’t see, smell, taste, touch, or hear anything in the tank.  The problem is your brain doesn’t know what to do, because it is so used to always doing something that it starts going crazy.  At first when I was in the tank I began itching myself, until I realized that I don’t really itch, its just my brain telling me that I have an itch, because it has nothing else to do.

Once you get past this step which takes about 5 minutes, your free, to analyze your life.  Then you begin to analyze the earth and universe and into the deep beyond.

Its a great tool to help you relax, and also get inside your own brain and look around.

A couple of sites to goto if you are interested in floating
this is where I go to float, its the only place with isolation tanks in Chicago.  Great facility very clean, and well run.  They currently have a special running for new customers 3-1hr sessions for $90 which is $30 an hour.  Usually they charge $50 an hour.  $30 an hour is a very reasonable price for this experience.  It takes meditation to a whole new level.

If you are not in the Chicago area check this site
This will find the nearest isolation tank for you, anywhere in the world.



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